8 Best CashBack Apps In 2020 To Earn CASH & Rewards on Shopping

Internet doesn’t stop providing a virtuous idea to lighting up in several areas, as to extend knowledges, allow you amusing, and even earning money. Learn the Cashback standard in this present article.

Nowadays, Cashback apps provides a simple system to receive currency back through your daily spending. It’s stress-free! As an alternative of moving on directly to a storehouse, you reach a vendor’s virtual stock over a link through a Cashback website. You will receive your article until the vendor, another benefit of Cashback app is that you perceive ration of entire currencies that you paid for the shopping. Besides, you can appeal for a referral by a proper link generated by the website after registration and purchase to accumulate more and more your profits. Cashback app is in partnership with several online stores, such as Rakuten, Dosh, etc. accordingly the articles that you want to buy.

It’s a prodigious opportunity, it necessitates just to have mobile device, Android or iOS. Then, reach the link of your chosen online store, do the registration, download the app and go for a memorable adventure. In order to have more detail of the signing up and the types of stores that provide Cashback, follow the reading!

What are the best Cashback apps?


If you appreciate shopping or not, we opt altogether to save currency, so why not through shopping? Rakuten is an online store that follow the Cashback standard. In other word, you are allowing to earn currencies back through purchasing that you make on the store, as it’s one of the top store that provides cash back.

The advantage to opt for Rakuten is that:

  • The proceed is easy;
  • Too speed;
  • Unrestricted and another favorable things.

Type Rakuten cash back on internet and you have to sign up by the button “Sign up” freely, download the app. That’s not all, when you reach the website, you have to purchase some articles of your choice. Once you do your initial suitable purchase over Rakuten online store, you receive$10. So, if you are ready to begin earning supplementary cash, join Rakuten community.


The recompenses typical is so pretentious, and if you live in United States, we recommend you to opt for Dosh app to make your daily shopping, and earn currencies back.

How does Dosh app operated?

  • Sign up by typing Dosh link on internet;
  • Download the app;
  • Attach your credit/debit cards;
  • Go for purchases.

Earning money with Dosh is too simple than what you think. You can get up to $10 on your “Dosh wallet” when buying on the online store, and even on another online stores in partnership with Dosh, such as: Target, Walmart and another thousands of online stores.

Speaking about referral technique, you can earn up to $5 for each contact you refer to apply to Dosh app.

To withdraw your recompenses, there exists two alternatives: first, you just transfer the currency on your bank account, the other option is to withdraw by PayPal.

3. Ibotta

Speaking about cashback app, we have another one that can interest you, it’s IBOTTA. This is another great discount app that you can use on your grocery purchases. With Ibotta, there are a lot of many partner that you can work with. They are 285 stores, like Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens, and CVS.

How could you use Ibotta?

You have just to follow the phases below, there are some steps:

  • You have to look for the products that you want purchase, there are several choice on the app.
  • Second, you have to add your choice on your shopping list.
  • Then you have to purchase
  • Take a picture of what you have, and upload after
  • After two days, you will receive your cash back directly in your account

In addition, you can get rewards by linking your store loyalty card or making in-app shops.

Another remark, at present day this app is only available for all residents of the United-States.

4. Shopkick

The principal specificity of SHOPKICK, is that you can earn money when you purchase online and even when you shop directly on the store. Nowadays, Sphokick is only use for all peoples in the United-States, and it has the same features of Dosh, Checkout 51, and Ebates packed down in his data base. The real power of this application is that it can interact with thousands of partners, like 250 000 locations. As a result you can acquire your cash back, only when you purchase in one of these stores with a linked card.

All you have to do are:

  • Shop in the store,
  • Shot the products that you want
  • Acquiesce them on the app.

But there is other alternative if you want to do the purchase online:

  • Visualize the online store,
  • Select the items of your choice
  • Shot the product bar codes and it’s done, your reward is guaranteed!

Your rewards are referred to “kiks”. If you have 250 kicks, you can acquire 1USD. These “kiks” are also available to redeem as gift cards. Another tips is that, when you refer friends, you can gain up to 250 kicks.

5. Checkout51

Checkout51 is an application that is available for every resident in Canada and in the United-States too. Only with your mobile device, you can earn rewards:

  • Take your products on the store
  • Scan them with your phone, and upload
  • Get your rewards

You receive, all week keep posted of every new offers that groceries provide for their customers. They last on your phone from Thursday and all along the week. So you keep informed every Thursday.

Checkout51 is one of the best application that we can have cause with it, you can earn until 30 %of your purchases. When you have more than 20 USD of rewards on your account, you can see it on your email inbox.

When you sign up with this application, and make your first shop, you win directly five dollars (5USD) of premium.

6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks app provides a lot of proceeds to receive currency back, such as:

  • Shopping;
  • Playoffs;
  • Referral technic by mentioning your friends, the member of your family or other contacts to accumulate cash back;
  • Surfing;
  • Achieving surveys, etc.

So we can say that it is the most of the “Get-Paid-to”. For every 1 USD that you use for your online purchases through the partners of this application, you get “SB points”. These partners of Swagbucks are: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, etc. and also Paypal, so you can redeemed your SB points to cash, with this last one.

With every purchases that you make, you can change your SB points for a gift card if you want, or to be paid with cash-back as you want.

At the present time we can find Swagbucks in the United States, Canada and many other countries in the world.

Until now they have provided about 360 million USD amount of cashback for their customers all around the world.

Like Checkout51, when you start with Swagbucks, you can have immediately 5USD of rewards on your account.

7. Topcashback

This one is a very interesting application to gain rewards from every purchases that you have made online. Topcashback is present in United States, in Canada and in the United Kingdom. For now they count 8 million all around these territory to apply on this website. In addition of this wide range of customers through the world, Topcashback is known to give them the maximum percentages of Cash-back. It can reach the 100 % of your entire shopping. It has also many partners, like 4380 stores working with, where you can get your rewards. To claim your rewards, these are what you have to do:

  • Visit the Topcashback site;
  • Pick out your retailer shop;
  • The appropriate agent check your purchases and get your allowance directly in your account.


  • Know that there exists two types when withdrawing, you are allowed to get your pay back on PayPal, your bank or Amazon vouchers.
  • After you sign up on the application, you can directly get 5 USD after you have your first 1 USD.

8. Drop

With Drop, 5 brands that you like are associated to your shopping. The application is linked to your debit, credit and your loyalty cards. All this to say that, all your shopping with these brands of your choices, can make you money which are referred to points. All the points that you gains are available to be convert into gift cards. Know that 1.000 point is equal to 1.000 USD.

We could find this website in United States and also in Canada.

  • Drop is free to use when you click on the website link “you sign up using the link”;
  • After you reach the website;
  • Link your first card to it, you can get immediately 5 points are equivalent to 5 USD on your account.

To have more information on this application don’t hesitate to visit the Drop website. After this, you will be able to use all the best features of Drop. Start to earn money right now!!

The list above are the top 8 of the Cashback apps that are very popular at the present time, but know that there are other more cash back apps available in the whole world, and there are some of them that are uniquely accessible in specific countries. We will discover about 60 cash back apps but these number is not exhaustive, you can learn more in internet above 1000 existing cash back apps!

What are these other Cashbacks?

1. Hytch Rewards/NuRide

This is a good one to gain money when you do your all days activities, or with your car, but you have to be near of a big city like Tennessee, for instance: you can get rewards when you drive to go to work, when you have a trip with someone else. This application is similar to carpooling, NuRide and Hytch, with some particularities. You have to know mandatory before using it, if the app is available on your country.

The Hytch Rewards application is available for Android and iOS mobile devices, but NuRide is especially for iOS only.

Remarks, it’s a very good application to use with your coworkers, friends or your wife.

Finally, this website is not similar to others, anyway it’s possible to receive rewards back.

2. Coupons.com

Say good bye to the physical coupons used from many years, this is an over solution. Take your phone and reach the website to sign up. Coupons.com is the evolution of all of these.  All you have to do is:

  • Reach your stores (make sure that it’s a partner of the application)
  • print your coupon using your phone (But some groceries, clothing or household items shop could let you to make a pictures of their physical coupon
  • scan the coupon with your phone

These are all you have to do to use coupon.com, it could be used on the platforms Android or iOS.

3. GasBuddy

You will say how this application can help me? It’s so simple, GasBuddy shots all the price of the Gas in your region, and give you the best one, i.e. the more cheaply price around your sector. After you complete the scan with GasBuddy, you just have now to reach the pump and buy it. That’s all! There is no difficult process.

There is an option to use GasBuddy’s card to purchase the best price you found, and you will get more. This card is not like credit card but it’s used to pay your Gas and it will pick up directly on your banking account.

Now you will ask me what I have to gain with all that.

When you use your GasBuddy card you will save 5 cents in every gallon of the price of the gas. If you calculate it through the year, you could save around 340 USD when you use form time to time the application and the card.

What are the principal specificities of GasBuddy?

  • You have your GasBuddy card which can directly pick up on your banking account;
  • Know that you have to has habitual of making the best purchases of gas near your area;
  • And that’s not all, this application is used on both Android and iOS mobile device.
4. ShopSavvy

For now, we can understand ShopSavvy like an application which can search in your area the cheapest price of a product, but no!!! This is more than it. It have more unknown specificities. In addition of his main feature, it can review all prices at each shops. So it can give you more than one result, it depends on your area, or where you are.

Main features:

  • Compare all prices and combine it with user reviews
  • Scan the best price in your area, depends on the products you want
  • The application is used on the android and iOS platform
  • Target’s Cartwheel and REDcard

For everyone who want to save money through the daily shopping, it’s sure, you will become rapidly fan of this application. Especially, if you use Target, you will appreciate it more. If you are wondering yourself, what have I to do to apply on it?

Just follow these some steps:

  • You have to sign up for Cartwheel and REDcard debit card option with Target;
  • Before you reach the store and make your shopping, Check the Cartwhell offers in the Target application;
  • Don’t forget to check also the Target’s REDcard.

And these are what you will get when using Target’s Cartwheel and REDcard:

  • First, 5% percent of the price of the product that you buy in the real store or through the online shop;
  • Besides, you benefit of free delivery.


At the first step it is not the same if you sign up for their credit card option instead of their debit card of the application.

5. Walmart App’s Savings Catcher

You want to save money when you go to shopping? So this application is really made for you. But this is not the only features that will make you to choose Walmart App’s Savings Catcher. This is how it works:

  • Make some purchases;
  • Scan your Walmart delivery, and the application will looking for the best price around you, if the Savings Catcher found better than you have, you will get the difference.

In the screen of Walmart application, you can find the Savings Catcher features, under their Services tab.

This application is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

6.Snip Snap

Each of customer know that it’s too difficult to look for the best price, i.e. for the cheaper price when you want to purchase some items. It seems like you have pick up a champion trophy after the hard course! Snip Snap will facilitate your daily life! Say farewell for all of these difficult and boring habit. The main reason of Snip Snap options is to help you to avoid all of these problems of daily shopping. Discover these some methods to work with it:

  • First of all, you have to each the favorite store where you want to purchase your article;
  • Take a photo of the article;
  • So the application will tell you all the prices of the items all around you and online too.

Finally, you can choose if you want to buy your item, online or to purchase it in another store.


The Northern Society was existing for 38 years, and at present day it becomes a giant in their domain. Nowadays, they made the application Northern. This application have the feature to refer friends, and this is the main way to get cashback. If you refer to one friend you will get up to 10 USD, so if you refer to 20 friends, you will have 2000 USD of rewards. It was never so easy to make money. But through this revolutionary way of earning, you can purchase and in parallel, save more and more money.

If you desire to apply on this cash back app, you just follow these steps below:

  • Go to the Northern website and click on the registration link to signing up;
  • Through the online stores that exists on the website, select your items;
  • Besides, you can refer your friends and earn 10 USD for each referrals that signing up.

This is a “get-paid” website which has existed since 16 years ago. They give their customers a way to get more and more money from home. This application is made for all peoples that live in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom territory.

What you have to do to get you rewards?

  • You have to complete online surveys;
  • Read emails;
  • Purchases items in an online store can also give you cash-back;
  • Watch video files;
  • Friend referrals, etc. with one eligible referral amongst the invitation or the mention that you have done, you can get 6 USD. In addition, you can always receive 10% of what each of your referral earn.

You can get you cash-back with Paypal or by your banking account. The minimum you can cash in is 20 USD.


This application is only for the residents of Canada, so you have to check your area before you use this one.  SurveyLion is one of the widest companies of data collection in this country.

How could you get paid with it?

  • You have to make online surveys, you have between 10 and 15 minutes to achieve the tasks, and you can earn 1 or 10 USD.
  • Second, you will receive 5 USD when you refer Surveylion to a friend.

You can acquire your gain on your banking account, when you complete the one of these two ways of earning money.


Angus REID FORUM is the same application as SURVEY LION, there similarity are that they are both for the residents of Canada. But this one cannot give you money from referrals. The only to get paid is to complete the Online Surveys, because it is also data Collection Company. They are collecting the opinions on matters and shape future policies and laws in Canada.

How much dollars can you get paid with it? And how to proceed?

These are the answers:

  • You have to complete the online surveys first
  • If you finish the short ones,  you have your ticket to their sweepstakes
  • If you finish to complete longer surveys, you will get 5 USD and it is equal to 500 points.
  • When you get 2500 points, you are eligible to the least possible payout equivalent to 25 USD.


Know that you can replace you points for gift cards or major retails.

11. Web perspectives

Web perspectives website is a paid online survey speaking about cooking service, for all persons who are currently living in Canada and love the domain of culinary, this apps is especially for you! You can earn money when you achieve surveys and when you enter to their sweepstakes options.

This application is linked into your email, as a result, you can receive directly an invitation to the surveys through it. After you complete surveys of about 20 minutes, you can already receive a rewards of 100 points or may be 500 points.

You can replace all your rewards points by a gift cards-Amazon, Golf Town, Starbucks, Cineplex, Air Mailes, etc. When you have only attain 1000 points then you can get pay out of 10 USD.


This web site is accessible in the Canada, since the year 1989. It is the one of the most extensive survey sections in Canada’s territory. They have about 400 000 customers spreading in Canada and have paid these applicants more than 18 million USD in cash back until the present day.

Know that the Legerweb cash back is also available in the United States, so if you live presently in United States, opt for this app to earn money!

How to proceed?

  • Achieve some surveys: In other words, you can earn money with it on completing surveys
  • Refer friends: You can also tell about LEGERWEB to your friend to get paid.
  • Challenges: Another way to get paid is contests.

Anyway, your cash-back is earned as “Survey dollars”. You can get paid out with Paypal, banking account, Air Miles, Visa prepaid card, etc. you can be paid out when your earning attain at least 20 USD.


This application is in the United States, until 2013. From this year, they have already give cash-back for their members other 3 million dollars. They have BBB rating of A+.

There are many manners to get paid with this web site: complete online surveys, watch videos, play games, refer friends and many other ways.

You can be paid out with Paypal, by banking account, or banking deposit. The least possible of payout that they can do is 25 USD.

Another way to get money from FUSION CASH is also, when you sign up for the first time and you use link to do it, you will receive 5 USD as a welcome additional benefit.


Before BRANDED SURVEYS was called Mint Vine when it was created.  Such as many Survey panels this website is always refresh automatically. It has many members, like five hundred (500) Fortune and they represented brands on this website.

These are the way to get money with this one:

  • First, you have to complete online surveys of about 10 minutes or 20 minutes.
  • Apart from that, it’s possible to tell about BRANDED SURVEYS to your friends and acquire your earning for each referral that register on the cash back app.

You can get about 50 to two 200 points for each friends that you have referred.

The rewards can be paid out when you replace your points by cash with Paypal or BRANDED Pay.

Another manner to get paid out is also to redeemed your points as a gift cards (Amazon, Starbucks)

The minimum you can redeemed is 10 USD, it is equal to 1000 points.

BRANDED SURVEYS is available on 3 different countries: those are the United States, the United Kingdom and the Canada.


This is also a famous online application. CLIXSENSE was created in 2007? and they have paid several members until this year of creation, about 33 millions of dollars.

These are many ways to get paid with this application: complete online surveys, watch videos, cash offers, buy applications, tell to your friends about CLIXSENSE, etc.

About the referrals, you can earn 30 % of what your each referral friend gets.

Your cash-back can be paid out by several application like: Paypal, Payoneer, and Dwolla, Skrill, and Tango card. The minimum that CLIXENSE can pay out is 10 USD.

The power of this application is that it can be available all around the world, including the United States and the Canada.


This application is already on the website for 17 years till now. This is one of the famous “get paid to”, available on the United States, the Canada and the United Kingdom.

The manners to get paid with it are: to complete the online surveys, get cash-back when you purchase at your favorite online shop, to watch videos, to refer friends, and to complete other offers.

You can replace all of you points by cash with pay pal, or gift cards with Amazon, Walmart, and 50 many others. Quick survey is very fast to pay out and also to arrive to members, but with Paypal it can take 72 hours i.e. within 3 days, and gift cards can take a week.


 CASHCRATE have been used by their members from 2006. They are now reached the numbers of 7 million all around the world. This application is another “get paid to” which can give his members many ways to get paid with extra money. These ways are:

  • Get paid to try items and services free
  • Complete surveys
  • Earn money on buying online
  • Contests
  • Tell your friends about CASHCRATE, and you will get money, in other words, you can have 30 % of what your referrals get

You can redeem what you have as cash with pay pal, or check. The minimum payout is 20 USD.

This application is available for the residents of the United States, the Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many other countries which are speaking English.


This application is an online rewards and cash-back site used by many members to get money by many ways. It is a popular one, because it is eligible on several countries like the United States, the Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

With EARNABLY, the points that you get can be redeemed as cash with pay pal, and as an amazon gift cards.


This application allows you to get paid by various works. INSTAGC have been around since 2011. It has paid out around 1.1 million of gift cards for now.

The ways to earn money with this one are: to complete online surveys, to watch videos, to get cash back from online purchases, search the web, test apps, test games, and to tell to someone about INSTAGC.

For every referrals, you can receive 10 points in addition of 10 % of what they get.

To rewards pay out, the relation with points and dollar are: 1 USD equivalent to 100 points. Another option is to get cash out by pay pal or a direct deposit on your banking account.

INSTAGC is available all around the world including also, the United States, the United kingdom, and the Australia.


PAIDVIEWPOINT is one of the best application ever, because it is the most paid of the survey sites for now. They are operated by Ask your Target Market (aytm.com).

Online surveys can get you 25 USD and a friend referral program too, can pay you 25 USD for each refer friend that registers. The online surveys can take between 5 to 6 minutes to accomplish tasks.

Your rewards are in United States Dollars, and you can cash out by using pay pal. The minimum that you can paid out is the amount of 15 USD.

It is available on multiple countries.


This one is also an online surveys platform, which is used by societies as the company possess a range of disk with what can registered several data.

How can I get paid?

There are many ways to get extra passive money from this website:

  • Complete the online surveys,
  • Polls
  • Friend referrals
  • On begin to sign up, you already get one 100 points, and two 200 points when you finish to complete all your information on the web site.

You can redeem your points to gift cards, or get pay out with VISA prepaid cards. The minimum payout is 10 USD it is equal to 4200 points.


GREEN PANTHERA is a paid survey site, and the main feature of it is that, it can paid your cash back on you online purchases. This one can pay you also by using the program of referrals.

Redeem your points as cash with pay pal. The minimum pay out amount is 30 USD.

GREEN PANTHERA is available in many countries, like the US, the Canada and the UK.

When you sign up also you can get paid and receive an amount of 5 USD.


VIP Voice is a member of the NPD Group, this is an online research community, and it was also called by some NPD Online Research. They are collecting several data about industries about fashion, IT, consumer Electronics, sports, video games, food and beverage, entertainment, etc.

The only manner to get money with is to complete surveys. You can get points when you finish to complete surveys based on your level.

To get paid out, you have to enter into sweepstakes, and the prizes are: electronics, appliances, games, free travel, cash and more.

VIP VOICE is only available for the residents of the United States and the Canada.


Like the one above, it’s similar to VIP VOICE, this one is also a survey community which is only eligible in 3 countries: the United States, the Canada and Australia. They operated for 14 years now, and have paid out over 6 million USD in cash to their customers.

There are several ways to get paid from VINDALE RESEARCH:

  • To accomplish surveys.
  • To read emails
  • Polls.
  • Referral program: you get 5 USD for each registered friends, and fifteen dollars by completed survey.

Redeem your cash out with pay pal, or with your banking account. The minimum of pay out amount is 50 USD.


Since 2005, the year when this web site was created, they operated as a market research platform.

It has many ways to earn money, these are the following:

  • Completing online surveys;
  • Private panels, focus groups: you can get between 5 and 200 USD;
  • Medical trials: you can get paid up to a thousand dollars;
  • Product testing;
  • Mystery shopping studies and many others.

Redeemed your pay out as cash or as gift card, and also score free products and other prizes. The minimum pay out amount is 20 USD.

The SURVEY CLUB is available only on three countries, in the United States, the united kingdom, and the Australia.


Panel place is also a survey panel web site. His main feature is that it can be combined with other survey panel web site like ACOP, Toluna and VIP Voice. They are working to have a lawful survey panels with them. There are many ways to earn money with PANEL PLACE, some of them is online survey, product testing, focus group…

All the points you get, will be paid by each respective panel survey. You can replace your pay out by cash with pay pal or gift cards of major retailers.

It is available in many countries as the US, the Canada, and also the UK.


For 12 years of working, this largest survey panel count at the present day over 7.5 millions of adherents. Since two thousand seven, they have paid out 15 million USD.

There are several manners to get paid on PRIZEREBEL:

  • You have to complete online surveys
  • To watch videos
  • The friend referrals programs: with this program, we can permanently earn between 20 to 30 % of what your referral get.

To replace your points as cash, you can use pay pal or directly use a banking account. You can replace your points too as a gift cards, with several famous brands. The least possible payout is 2 USD equivalent to 200 points.

This application is available in multiple countries.


GLOBAL TEST MARKET is eligible through members in about 40 countries. They paid out to their customers, until 2016, over 30 million USD. According to these amounts of paid out and these numbers of countries they operate, we can say that they are the number one of the paid Survey website.

The ways to get paid with GLOBAL TEST MARKET are:

  • To complete paid surveys;
  • Sweepstakes;
  • Friend referrals.

When you finish completing paid survey online you can get 5 USD.

Redeemed your pay out as “lifepoints” as cash with pay pal, gift cards such as: Amazon, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Starbucks, or by check. The minimum that you can pay out is 40 USD, or 4800 points.

It is eligible, in many countries, as Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.


MySurvey is an online paid survey community where you get a chance to express your opinion on products/services, and also get paid doing so.  They have more than 4 million members worldwide and reward members with over $32 million for each year.

How can you earn money through Mysurvey?

It exists several ways to earn money via Mysurvey app:

  • You have to complete online surveys;
  • Make product testing;
  • Focus groups;
  • Friend referrals i.e. tell about it to your friends and family and convince the to register and use your unique link to signing up;
  • Sweepstakes.

Know that you can earn between 10 and 500 points for each survey you achieve, with an average survey that is length in 10 minutes. By the system of friend referrals, you can earn up to 150 points equivalent of about 1.50 USD.

How does worked the reward Payout?

Redeem your points as cash through PayPal or by gift cards, such as Amazon, Macy’s, CVS, and more other. The least possible payout is $10, it’s equivalent to 1,000 points. You also get to keep products such as personal care items and electronics.

Its availability is over 40 countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.


Toluna is a market research company that is present worldwide. They represent some truly global brands, and you can expect lots of survey invites from this company.

How does Toluna cash back worked?

Toluna proposes you several methods to earn money back, discover these ways:

  • Complete paid surveys;
  • Sponsored polls;
  • Sweepstakes;
  • Referring friends.

When you join the Toluna community, you receive a welcome additional benefit of 500 FREE points, and when you invite friends by the referral system, you can as well get up to 500 points for each registered referral. Surveys can pay as much as 20,000 points each.

Recompenses withdrawing: you can redeem points as cash through PayPal or as gift cards, such as Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, and more others. The minimum gift card payout is $10 equivalent to 30,000 points and for cash via PayPal, it is $30, equivalent to 90,000 points.

Currently the residents of Canada, United State, United Kingdom, and other several countries only can access to the platform.


ISurveyWorld is an online community where you get paid to offer your opinions on brands and their products or services. They are open to residents of several countries.

How does ISurveyWorld cash back worked?

ISurveyWorld proposes you several methods to earn money back, discover these ways:

Complete online surveys which you can access via a computer or smartphone, i.e. via both Android and iOS mobile devices.

About the rewards withdraw: cash in your prizes as cash through PayPal.

The website is accessible in multiple countries, including United State and Canada.

When sign up, use the appropriate link on the website and acquire 5 USD of additional benefit.


Also known as ACOP, American Consumer Opinion is a market research firm. They have over 7 million members worldwide and have paid out more than $30 million in rewards. Unlike the name suggests, they are actually available to residents in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and more other countries.

How to proceed if you want to earn cash back by American Consumer Opinion?

The steps are simple, and similar to the other cash back app, these are:

  • Complete paid surveys;
  • Product testing.
  • Sweepstakes.
  • Friend referrals. You will always receive points for surveys: from 100 to 5,000 points for each survey. You can earn up to $50 equal to 5,000 points for each friend who signs up using your unique referral link.

How to withdraw the earned money?

Received points can be exchanged for cash through PayPal or Hyperwallet. The least possible payout is $10 equivalent of 1,000 points.

The website is accessible in the whole world.


Maru Voice Canada is a Canada-based market research company that allows Canadians to participate in surveys from brands, NGOs, and businesses who want to better understand their customers. It previously operated as Angus Reid, but that forum now embraces members of the survey panel, Your Insights.

  • How to proceed if you want to earn cash back
  • Includes completing surveys: most surveys you qualify for award between 50 and 500 points
  • Referring friends: you acquire 200 points corresponding to 2 USD per friend you refer.

How to withdraw the earned money?

Accumulate points and cash-out when you reach 5,000 points comparable to $50, 100 points are equivalent to 1 USD through a prepaid Visa card or gift cards, like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and others.

At the present time, the residents of Canada are the only who can join the MARU VOICE CANADA community.


Harris Poll Online is one of the eldest polls in the sphere and they have been conducting surveys for over 45 years.

  • How to proceed if you want to earn cash back?

Embraces effecting online surveys and sweeps. Rewards are awarded as “HI Points.”

  • How to withdraw the earned money?

Redeem HI Points as electronic gift cards, merchandise, and sweepstakes entries. They do not offer cash options such as checks or PayPal.

The residents of Canada and the United States are the one eligible to apply.


Ipsosi-Say is an online survey rewards community that gathers above 3 million adherents. You share your view and select your recompenses.

If you want to receive currencies through this type of online surveys, follow these steps below:

  • It consists of carrying out surveys
  • Various challenges, and you can gain up to $5,000;
  • Faithfulness sequencer.

You will receive survey invitations directly in your inbox. The points you receive depend on the quantity of surveys you complete from time to time.

You just have to collect “i-Say points” and exchange it in cash through PayPal, by gift cards, or through Virtual Visa Prepaid Cards. The least possible expenses for gift cards is 500 i-Say points, that is equivalent in 5 dollars and for expense via PayPal, 1,530 i-Say points are equivalent to 15 dollars.

The best opportunities for this type of online survey is that it’s available in several countries.


This is a renowned paid survey web site, which is function on this interesting area for more than 10 years. You can receive currency with it once you achieve an online surveys, or to apply for a product test, and when you speak about the web site with your friends, your family members or your contacts. Apart from that, it’s guaranteed that you receive one dollar for each referral that registers through your link, all along the year you can also get paid when you participate in cash giveaways that offer 10 USD or one point twenty five dollars every quarter.

When you collect points, it’s possible for you to exchange it by currency with Paypal, or as a gift cards with Amazon, iTunes, etc. hundred points is equivalent to one dollar (100 points = $1). The minimum that you can pay out is 10 USD for pay pal and 5 USD for gift cards.

OPINION POST is available only for the current residents in the United States, United Kingdom, in Great Britain and in Canada.


Inbox Dollars is a rewarded survey site worked by CotterWeb Corporations which also turns Daily Rewards that’s available in Canada and Send Earnings. They have granted in excess of $57 million to applicants in their app till now.

How can you earn currencies?

It’s so simple, you have just to achieve the following tasks:

  • Complete connected surveys;
  • Display video tapes;
  • Go round some websites;
  • Referral by mentioning friends, family members

Besides, there is also other related tasks.

You earn directly in cash and can request a payout (through PayPal) once you exceed the minimum threshold amount of $30.

When signing up by the appropriate link, you obtain 5 dollar of welcome additional benefit.


Daily Rewards is a paid site by completing surveys, the website is worked by CotterWeb Corporations. This Company turns also Inbox Dollars US and Send Earnings. They have awarded over $65 million so far to members.

It exists some simple ways to receive currencies, these are the following:

  • Complete online surveys;
  • Watch videos;
  • Visit websites;
  • Referrals, i.e. mentioning friends, family members and there is also another tasks.

After to achieve some surveys on the website, you earn currencies directly and it’s possible to request a payout through PayPal, after you touch the minimum starting point amount of 30 dollars.

This app is available only for the residents of Canada.

After to signing up, we offer you a $5 welcome additional benefit.


Pinecone Research is a top-paying survey platform, the website pay you between 3 to 5 dollars for most surveys. They are part of the very recognized market investigation corporation, baptized Nielsen.

It exists two different ways to earn currency back, these are the following:

  •  The first consists of carrying out the most of surveys;
  • The second ways is to product testing.

The features is when accrue points at the amount of 100 points, you earn 1 dollar. Your initial 3 dollar is paid out spontaneously through check. After that, you can pick out to cash out your earning points through PayPal, by using gift cards, and it’s also possible by check.


This paid online survey community, is one of the well paid one. They are operating on many brands and they use easy program of points.

To gain money, you have to finish all the new surveys updated every days on your inbox. And also the program of friends referrals.

The least possible payout is 10 USD, it’s equal to hundred points. When you want to replace your points into cash you can opt for Paypal, and another alternative is to exchange it into gift cards.

Keep in mind that Survey Junkey is only available for the United States, Canada and Australia residents.

If you live currently in the one of these countries, don’t hesitate to download the app and to register, then you can earn money back from time to time by making some purchases.


Zweet is a rewards app that offers you cash back when you purchase your favourite grocery items at ANY store. It is available in the U.S. and Canada.

Like other similar grocery rewards apps, for instance Checkout51 or Caddle, if you desire to earn currency back, follow this steps:

  • Download the Zweet app on your mobile device, it’s available for both Android or iPhone;
  • Look through the weekly offers on your app;
  • Buy the product of your choice at any online store;
  • Shot your incomes.
  • Then, you have to upload it to the app;
  • Cash back is deposited into your account within 48 hours;
  • When the earning amount on your counting touches the starting point, i.e. a minimum of 20 dollars, you can cash out through a check sent by the mail address.

That’s not all, you will earn a welcome bonus of 1 dollar when singing up by registration link on the website.


Paymi is a Canadian cash back app that pays you every time you shop and purchase at one of their partner brands or stores. Paymi app is similar to the Drop Rewards app. Besides, this app automatically credits your account with cash back when you use your linked card to make a purchase.

Some of their partner retailers include Burger King, Lululemon, SportChek, Aldo, Walmart, Starbucks, Sobey’s, Contiki, Winners, Netflix, Spotify, Zara, Lowe’s, Swiss Chalet, Mark’s, Leon’s, and Hudson’s Bay.

To register you can use the link on the website, there is no promo code required, and that is not all, 5 dollars welcome bonus is offered to you after to signing up!


Don’t you want to get a lot of Cash-back at home?

Receipt Pal can make you money with different types of products that you purchase. From dealerships to grocery stores and gas stations.

All the application needs are : the merchant name, phone number, zip code, purchase date, the total amount of your shop, you will always get paid.

There are also every weeks sweepstakes to give you more chances to win cash bonuses.

44. Savingstar

The Savingstar application has some feature which make him special from other cash back app. One of them is that you have to do some changes,

  • As you have to save the shop on your profile and activate your offers before you reach the store.
  • After that, you have to scan your purchases to redeem your cash backs.

One the good thing with this is that you can purchase in over 100 000 of partners.

When the amount of your cash back reached 20 dollars, you can directly send it into your banking account or use Paypal to cash out. You can also cash out with a gift card, and they offer a various gift cards for you in option.

Savingstar is not only focused on specific items, it allows you to get cash back on your grocery shopping.

45. Acorns Found Money

As every single application of cash back, this one can make you earn money from your purchases. But also it can help you to invest. There are two options:

  • You can cash out what you get;
  • It’s also possible for you to make an investment by saving portfolio.

It is really seldom to see this type of investment with a cash back app but, Acorns Found Money can help you through this tactic.

Like each similar applications, you can cash out with Paypal the amount that you want. And the minimum you can cash back with it is 10 dollars.

However, it can be accessible only on the United States and in Canada, currently.


Receipt hog is a little bit singular, because you don’t need to buy a specific products to have your cash back. All you have to do is to scan any items that you have shopped to earn your “coins”. You can redeem your “coins”:

  • in cash;
  • by gift cards;
  • vouchers and other rewards.

You have to upload more receipt as you can if you want to get more coins and to earn moneys.

This cash back app is available only in the United States And the rest of the world have to wait until they develop it everywhere.

47. Great Canadian Rebates

As his name says it is only for residents of the Canada. The application can make you earn money when you use it after your shopping.

Each shop pays to the application some percentage of purchases, then when you make shopping in one of these shop, they give you some of this percentage.

You can receive your payment via Amazon gift cards, or by month via Paypal. Or you can also make a request at any time if you have gathered more than 30 dollars on your Great Canadian Rebates account.

48. KOHO

This Cash back application looks like your banking account with his specificities. KOHO can help you budget and resume all your spending. The application help you to manage your money and increase your savings, no annoying bank fees. You can order a prepaid visa card with it.

Your card can give you zero point five (0.5) percent of your shopping with it.

You have also an option to get forty percent cash back on Foodora orders.

KOHO help you to manage your account without fees. This is perfect for people who can’t cut down on those unnecessary bills.

For now the only eligible are peoples who live in the country of Canada.

49. MrRebates

MrRebates is perfect to get money, because in your first purchase you can obtain immediately and freely five dollars bonus. One of the best reason to opt for this application is that it’s free.

It has a large range of available online shop, currently these stores are about two thousand and five hundred (2500). You can claim your cash back, only on clicking in the shop where you want to make your shopping.

All the purchases that you have done with this application, is automatically insert into your account after three days. You can redeemed your cash out via check, Paypal or through amazon gift card.

The application is available for all persons in the whole world, but the cash back depends to the shop where you have made you shopping, so there is no guaranty for members outside the United State territory.

50. Caddle

This one is a cash back application only used in Canada territory, and make you earn money by purchases from groceries, supplements, and other essential household items.

However, Caddle app can help you to get paid even you don’ t make any shopping, but only on complete online surveys, watching ads, writing reviews and doing some small works to have a little amount of cash back.

Every week, you have always new offers that you can check and to seize the chance. If the task interest you, you can choose to do it and get your cash back. When the amount of your cash back is reached 20 dollars, you can cash out and a check is sent to you.

Caddle, is only available in Canada for now.

51. Trunow

Trunow is very special, because it is one the cash back application that can make you money on purchasing gas in the pump stations. For those who are traveling from time to time and the amount of gas is too high, Trunow is made for you because it can help you to lower your spending gas by earning currency for every gas purchases.

This is not only on purchasing gas that they offer cash back, I’s also extended to restaurants, groceries and more other items.

This application is available on the platform of Android and iOS. This is the simple method to use the application:

  • Purchase gas in the station, and other items that you can find in the shop;
  • Take a pictures  of your receipt and upload it;
  • At the same time get your cash back.

TRUNOW is only available for residents of the United States.

52. My points

Since 1996, this application was operational to make you to get your money from your purchase. It has a similar features as Swagbucks.

These are all the ways to make money with My points:

  • They have more over 1900 partners, where you can make your purchases to get points
  • One points is equal to one dollar
  • You can earn points only on reading your inbox, and five points on clicking on emails
  • Complete online surveys can make you earn points too
  • You can get 500 points on watching videos
  • When you  make research on the web, you can also get points
  • When you sign up, you can earn 10 dollar bonus

These points can be exchange with a gift card, and you can cash out with pay pal account.

My points is only eligible for residents of North America.

53. Upromise

Upromise is dedicated for members, who want to pay for college and pay off student loans. This feature make Upromise very specific from other cash back application. That’s non all, you can also get your pay back like other application with your purchases.

When you have enough cash back, you can use them into the college fund. Also you have an alternative to exchange your cash as a check and put it into your banking account.

This application can make you get enough money to pay off your student debt too.

So, you need to download Upromise app through the web:

  • By using the terms: upromise download;
  • Then you have to register;
  • Achieve some purchases and get currency back.

Try it right now!

54. BeFrugal

Such as Rakuten, BeFrugal is an application which is associates to thousands sellers where you can be paid according to your purchases. You can earn more than forty percent profits by using your free membership at five thousands sellers. In addition of those returns, BeFrugal application, gives to you thousands opportunities of coupons and promo codes.

Updating the promo codes is assured by BeFrugal application but in the case that, you find anomalies about it, the company rebates you the amount of five dollars.

Comparing to the other cash back sites, BeFrugal guaranteed you the best price ever.  No cash Back sites can give you higher rates more than BeFrugalbut in condition that happened, BeFrugal  will paid you that rate plus a bonus twenty five percent.

Every new members get a welcome gift of 10 USD. For each friend you bring up, you earn also ten dollars subsequently that new member get his welcome gift or his cash back in the year

There is many way to exchange your cash back such as:

  • By check: you must have twenty dollars at least ;
  • Direct Deposit: it doesn’t required a minimum sum;
  • By Paypal: it doesn’t required a minimum sum;
  • Buying a gift card:  this way bring in many case one percent to six percent additional benefit.

So win money with BeFurgal application simply over the Website. It’s easy to download the BeFurgal application mobile on Google Play or on Google Store. You can add also the BeFurgal button to your Brower.

55. FreeBird

FreeBird is another way to earn money such a Dosh and Drop but it cash you back for a particular activity which need necessary using Uber or Lyft application. This application gives you rewards on your target to indicated bars and restaurants around you. FreeBird can be used in combination with credits or rebates you’re presently earn with your Lyft or Uber application.

Follow these steps if you want to apply in this cash back app:

  • You need to connect your card with the FreeBird application.
  • Then enter your destination via Freebird. Immediately, it gets tariffs from Uber or Lyft and you can see that the price will be the same but the bonus is the cash back you get after.
 56. Paribus

Paribus application is specific for products or services which have drop price. In addition, identifying to you the product which is in reduction, with Paribus, you’ll be repaid when the article’s price you’ve been paid before is fall.

To have overview of the price, Paribus shows it at major stores like Amazon, Target and Walmart.  The same way for hotel room tariffs on Expedia, Priceline, and Booking.com and many travel and hotel sites.

Using Paribus by

  • Opening an account.
  • Gives to Paribus your emails validation to looking for the lowest price for you.
  • When Paribus finds a price fall, it well notified you about and aid you to win money back.

The company affirm that more than twenty nine million dollars are paid to consumers until now.

57. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is an application which offers you the opportunity to win money by buying items, like the other thousands of cashback app. RetailMeNot proposed a large choice of product that you can find in many stores partner of the application. You just need to open your own account and surf.

RetailMeNot is offering you the option promo and coupons. This option will give you the best offer that can see anywhere. For using RetailMeNot and getting money back, you just need to click on an offer and make purchases.

Getting rewards is spontaneous after your shopping if there is no problem relative of your account. It always required using application or surfing via the website. To redeem your win, you can associate your credit card on your RetailMeNot account. Also, you can use the card online directly or in-person. It can be used at one of the RetailMeNot partner retailers.

Even if RetailMeNot gives rewards, this application has some disadvantages:  first, the confirmation of your gain takes a time, more than forty five days, after your shopping.  Then, it doesn’t offered many option to paid out your earn as you can see in other application. The only transfer accepted by RetailMeNot is through Paypal.

Finally, there is no extra for new members or for bring up a new member, none for convince friends and family to open account on RetailMeNot.  Well, you can win money on RetailMeNot but those three points doesn’t permit the application to be the best application ever on two thousand nineteen.

58. BerryCart

BerryCart is an application for organic foods lovers. This is a mobile application which searching for you the good foods for your healthy and in the same time permits you to earn money. It’ so great to eat food and earn money back!

There are the steps to earn money on BerryCart:

  • First, you need to download the application on your phone,
  • Then, BerryCart application proposed you a large choice of biologic foods approximate,
  • Third, you buy a product
  • And finally, you upload your receipt to get rewards!

BerryCart send you the money around twenty four hours which can be cash out by Paypal or through another kinds of gift cards. At the moment you open your BerryCart account, you get your unique referral code. Every time that a new member use your referral code, you win two dollars. Don’t hesitate to share the referral code to your friends, family and your contacts.

59. FetchRewards

FetchRewards is an application which offers you points that you can exchange for gift cards.  With FetchRewards, the stores where you make your purchases doesn’t mean anything or how expensive product you buy. The cash back is definitely enough for zero point twenty five dollar to two dollar per deal.

There are different way to upload receipts:

  • Via grocery store,
  • Accessibility store,
  • Pharmacy liquor store, etc.

Getting points is when the application perceived that you are making purchases from one of its partner makes. 

To redeem your points, you can link it for a gift card like at a clothing store, tech store, charity, or dozens, etc.

For someone who is looking for a maximum savings, FetchRewards can’t satisfy your need.

For every new member, FetchRewards gives two thousands point both for the new member and for the person who is referring this new member up.

60. OpenTable

Open Table is used to restaurant reservations but you certainly ignore that you can get “Dining Points” with this deal. Every time you confirm your reservation you’ll be alerted about the restaurant, if it offer Dining Points or not. Then, you can use these Dining Points to the restaurant in the neighboring or as an Amazon gift card.

The estimation of the rewards points is different between the restaurants: other give out ten dollars for two thousands points and several give more than twenty dollars to twenty five dollars for the same points. Open Table service is favorable to cash back for people who like eat out or dine frequently in restaurants.

Final thoughts

As we have seen above, there are two different types of Application that can make you to earn money on the internet, the cash back apps and the online survey paid.

First, you have the cash back application, the main feature of this one is to make you get money with your purchases. And these application are generally, working with a range of shop or stores that can give you points, kicks or survey dollars…as they can call it, it has always a system of points to earn and after you can pay out to get your cash out or gift cards.

Second, the online survey paid, for this one the principal specificity is to complete the different online survey to earn money. The system of points is always used here, but like the first type, the points have always to be redeemed as cash back or gift cards.

According to this resume, we can say that there are several ways to get paid by application, nowadays but it is up to you to choose the one which is really satisfy you.

Also, you have to check if the application is available in your country or not, to use it correctly.

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