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Skillshare Review And Skillshare Free Trial coupon and Promo Code

skillshare free trials

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Have you heard about skillshare? Are you wondering what it is all about? Skillshare is a learning community that operates online and is designed for both teachers and students who wish to learn from educational videos and other sources. With the help of project-based classes, these individuals get to discover and acquire various skills.

Before, we talk about skillshare in details, lets talk about how you can get skillshare free trials or coupon code. So, if only interested to try out skillshare make click here to get 2 or 3 months access to skillshare premium course. 

With this platform, both teachers and their students are offered the opportunity to access various courses, contents and even presentations associated with different topics. Topics accessible on skillshare are not restricted; they covere broad areas of life, science, technology, living and entertainment. They include technology, business branding and marketing, fashion, design, photography and videography, music, cooking, writing, gaming, DIY and other crafts.

Instructors on this platform mostly teach these skills by creating and then publishing a class. In fact, a good number of the courses taught here focus more on interaction amongst the learners and the instructor rather than by mere lecturing. Majorly learning here is achieved by completing a project.

On a general note, the major aim of Skillshare is to empower the masses so they can succeed and excel in their various life careers, pursue their passion without having second thoughts, enhance their lives as well as do the work that best suits them. The platform ensures that its members get the best out of their learning process.

Is Skillshare worth it?

Now you could be wondering, “Is Skillshare worth it? Why sign up online to learn skills and why does it have to be Skillshare in particular?”

Have you also ever pondered how life would have been for you if you had followed your dreams after high school instead of jumping into college? What if you had taken up a job as a fashion designer instead of going for law school? What if you had stayed back home and learnt how to cook those dishes you love or write those books you have always wanted to write? Just what if?

That is where Skillshare comes in; to help you turn your dreams into reality. With Skillshare, you feed a secret passion, learn new things as well as further your career. We all have a quest to learn. It doesn’t matter the path we take for that learning to take place so long as we get what we want at the end.

Skillshare is worth it because not every one of us can afford to proceed to college or go back to college and not everyone can afford to enroll in the expensive classes.

1.Skillshare is cost effective

Skillshare comes with 2 versions; Skillshare Basic and Skillshare premium. Skillshare basic is free while the premium is not free.

Now, with the free Skillshare basic, you still have a lot to gain. It offers about 2,100 free classes (with access to extras like tutorials and videos) and free mobile apps. You also have access to the online community platform where you have the opportunity to learn and interact with other students, create projects as well as engage in meaningful discussions. It is true that the Basics does have its limitation but the knowledge you stand to gain is still worth it.

Opting for the Skillshare premium sounds like a better option because under this membership, you get to pay less to obtain more. There is almost no limit to the knowledge you could gain from this version. The premium grants you unlimited access to more than 26,000 courses offered online. I once thought it would be a waste of my money when I was still under the basic but after taking a sneak peek into the premium, I got hooked.

The Skillshare premium also offers you some sort of teacher support, the ability to download and save classes offline to your device, scholarship contributions, no advertisements and other special perks (that come with the annual premium membership). All these come with a 30-day free trial.

Tell me, how many online learning platforms would offer you all these at the affordable cost of $15 per month or $99 per year (for annual membership)? Of course, you would hardly see one. You now see a reason why you can say Skillshare is worth it.

2. Skillshare has an impressive course catalogue

Skillshare offers different courses all based on different topics and different areas of the life but they can be generally categorized into four- technology, lifestyle, business and creativity.

Each of the courses are taken by professionals on each field all from different parts of the world with each class featuring short lessons accompanied by projects that the students would have to work on.

Some of the classes go as far as offering preview video clips thus, you can get a feel of what they class would look like and know what to expect. There is an avenue to visit the community and ask your questions.

3. You can make money from Skillshare

This is another beneficial aspect of Skillshare. It benefits most especially those that are into DIY projects. Can you make nice bags, shoes, clothes, yummy cakes etc.? Your hobby might not be your career but Skillshare offers you an avenue to make money out of them even outside of your career.

As you sign up for Skillshare, you could consider teaching and sharing your skills, inventions and creativity with others and in return, you get paid! As a teacher on Skillshare, you would also earn revenues through other avenues like premium member referrals and royalty payments. Signing up is not a waste after all.

4. Skillshare quenches the thirst for knowledge

Skillshare is one online community platform that I know will teach you lots of things in almost every aspect of life. When you sign up for Skillshare, you have nothing to lose rather you gain all the knowledge you have been seeking while at the same time being paid to share your own knowledge (if you wish). Unless you are under the free version, there is no limit to what you can learn.

Skillshare free trial

Skillshare premium package charges some amount of money monthly ($15) for an unlimited access to thousands of classes however, they offer a free trial. You can get the first two months free and still have unlimited access to over 15,000 classes on an array of classes.

How do you get access to the free two months’ worth of Skillshare premium?

You have the opportunity to learn something new each day. What you learn is totally up to you, it doesn’t really matter whether it is connected to your hobby or not. It could just be something that could help with your self-improvement. For this and more reasons, Skillshare offers two months free trial period with unlimited classes.

With Skillshare, there is always something for everyone and with an unlimited subscription services, you can benefit from as many classes as possible. Once you register as a new member, you are eligible for a 60-day free trial. You just have to use the code, just click here no code required After that, you will then be charged a small amount of $8.25 per month (for annual subscription).

You can register and sign up for your 60-day free trial by just clicking here.

After you must have poked around Skillshare for two months, I bet you must see numerous reasons to pay the full price to keep it. After trying out other online learning media, I can boldly say that Skillshare is very much compatible for me. You wouldn’t know if you don’t try, you could end up giving the same testimony as I am.

More review of Skillshare

Let’s do a more specific review of Skillshare. We will be making our review from some angles.

1. Ease of usage

It is very important we analyse the usage of the platform. By this, we mean how easily accessible or user-friendly the website is. On the front banner of the site is an engaging video-based banner bearing the slogan- “Tomorrow is for the taking.” It might not be necessary to have a video-based banner; however, it is actually cool.

You go ahead to scroll down and you see the different categories of courses you can learn from. There are also featured courses and some incentives that depicts why Skillshare is actually worth it. Next, is a banner aimed at potential teachers inviting them to start teaching on the site.

The front page generally is cool, inviting and nice. The information is simple and concise. The design does a good job at passing the information to the right audience.

As soon as you sign in (which does not take much time), you click on the course you want to take and that will take you to the course page. You will be welcomed by an introductory video made by the instructor and this will be followed by the lesson list. There is a provision for the course description down the line with a general overview of the instructor and related courses. Truth be told, the interface is inviting as you can easily navigate and find your way around.

Students can as well leave comments on the timeline of the videos. While this may not sound cool to some, some might find it engaging. I will like to put it out that Skillshare is easy and simple to use. It doesn’t overwhelm you with too many buttons, popups and banners.

2. Features

For every online platform especially an educational one to stand out, it has to offer its users something interactive and unique. Below are some available features on Skillshare.

  • Team-based courses– This is perhaps one of the greatest unique features of Skillshare. These courses are aimed at helping businesses with team-building exercises. Here, you are opportune to work on team-based projects and even switch admins.
  • The Skillshare projects– Each course on the Skillshare project requires that each student works on a project alongside the subject material. This will help you with the practical aspect of the subject right after you finish the course. This is a nice idea, as it would motivate students not only to learn but also to pay closer attention. It would also build up their interests in the course.

The website may not have some of the flashy features but it does have the unique ones and does well at advertising them.

3. Content quality

For an educational platform such as the Skillshare, this is a very important aspect. The quality of the content is a major criterion for judging how good the platform is. Its content alone confirms that it is legit.

The courses on Skillshare are quite positive as well as basic. Some are meant for beginners while some are for more advanced levels. However, instructors may not specify which course is aimed for either level. This doesn’t erase the fact that most of the courses are quite professional and informative. Most reviews agree that people are okay with the Skillshare content.

4. Cost

Most reviews for Skillshare so far has been a pleasant one as regards the price. There might have been few minor complaints but nothing serious. What does the pricing policy of Skillshare look like?

The pricing for Skillshare works a little different from other e-learning platforms. Rather than allow members to buy courses separately at the price set by the instructors, Skillshare operates by offering a subscription-based mode of pricing. You just need to subscribe for the platform then you can access any course of choice without restrictions.

Skillshare offers two types of subscriptions- the free subscription and the premium subscription. Under the free platform, you can still interact with contents on the site but this time, it is restricted to only the free contents. When you opt for the premium subscription however, you get access to not less than 25,000 classes. On monthly basis, it costs $15 but when billed once a year, you get to save up to 42% (i.e. $96 per year).

5. User learning experience

Asides the cost, the features and ease of usage, one could say the most important thing to consider is the learning experience of the members. After all, the reason why you signed up was to learn right? I know some people that won’t mind paying even huge amount of money just to ensure that they are taught well or that they gain the much needed knowledge. Such people would expect that they get the best earning experience from their learning centres. Skillshare as an online learning platform is not an exception in this expectation.

The fact now is that Skillshare offers a very wide range of courses or classes. This makes it a little difficult to actually tell for sure the state of the learning experience- whether it is a sweet or bitter experience. This is more dependent on the individual instructors taking each course than on the platform itself. However, Skillshare did well to recruit the services of only accredited instructors which gives one some degree of confidence that the learning experience would be a great one.

The strategy used by Skillshare to ensure good learning experience seems to really work as most of the courses offered are up to standard when it comes to quality. The fact that there is an avenue to work on projects would also play a role in enhancing the learning experience.

One other thing that I know promotes good learning experience on this platform is the fact that the platform does not focus on just one topic, field or area of specialty. This is unlike most other e-learning platforms that focus on only one or two category of subjects thus making some people who are not conversant with the subjects feel somewhat alienated.

My experience with Skillshare

I first signed up to Skillshare under the free trial and started taking some classes that were quite productive. I took a class on marketing and another on photography. I started practising what I learnt. I also took cooking classes and did learn how to make quite a good number of dishes. There is also an English class available that helps with writing and grammar. Now, I can tell you that my writing skills have greatly improved.

The things I like about the Skillshare classes

  • It has a large array of topics to learn from
  • Even with a low cost subscription, you have access to a good number of professionals and experts that normally you would have paid more to have them tutor you.
  • Just by checking out the results of former students, you can identify the high-quality classes
  • A good number of the classes are well organized and come with video clips as well

What I didn’t like about Skillshare

I didn’t have much issues using the Skillshare. In fact, I was glad I came across the site and happier I did not let the opportunity slide. However, I think the only thing I did not really like was the fact that they do not offer certificates after learning the courses. While we all know that gaining knowledge is much more important than some piece of scrap paper, however some of us would not mind some sort of validation for what we learnt so far on the platform.

Asides that, I can say that I generally had a good experience on Skillshare. It is also a platform that inspires one to know more and learn more.

How to use the Skillshare online education platform

To use the Skillshare online platform, you start by signing up.

You can either sign up for the Basics with access to only free contents or you sign up for the premium with unlimited access. If you sign up for the Basics, you are likely to receive an email from Skillshare inviting you to go for the premium free trial. Generally, Skillshare offers a 30-day free trial, which you can cancel whenever you feel like, but with the premium free trial, you get 2 months free access to premium contents.

I recommend that people go for the premium membership. Truth be told, it won’t break the bank. It costs 15 USD per month and drops to 8.25 USD when billed annually.

Skillshare has four main categories of classes and each class has short lessons attached to it and projects for the students to carry out. You have the opportunity to share your project in the class while at the same time get feedbacks. By clicking on the ‘classes’ tab, you can view the following:

  • All classes
  • Recommended classes
  • Student projects

Clicking on the ‘all classes’ tab lands you on a page that goes further to break down the class by their trending ones, featured ones and popular ones. There is also a search button with which you can search for the specific type of class you want. To help you narrow it down; you can search by:

  • The class type (free, all and premium)
  • Class lengths (less than 15 minutes, 15 mins-30 mins, 30 mins-1 hour and more than 1 hour)
  • Created date (this week or this month)
  • Social media

After selecting your class of choice, you should go ahead and read up the class description which is under the ‘About’ tab just to ne certain you would really want opt for that class. There might even be a preview video clip for the class, which could give you a glimpse into what the class has in stock for you. You watch the videos either immediately or save them for later.

Also, feel free to go through ‘Your project’ section and see what you can create whilst going through other students project in the ‘All projects’ section. The community section is available where you can channel all your questions and make the necessary enquiries. From that section, you can also get to know the other students watching the same class as you.

If you are the opinionated type or the type that likes giving feedbacks, you can always leave a review for any of the classes simply by clicking the ‘Reviews’ tab just below the video clip of the class. Just by the right, click on ‘Leave review’. Class review forms ask questions pertaining to the following:

  • If your expectations were well met
  • What you so much enjoyed about Skillshare
  • The level of experience that it is best suited for
  • What more needs to be improved

You can also leave more details in the written comment section.

Skillshare online learning marketplaces comparison

Skillshare is a great online learning platform but other learning websites also do exist. To help guide you on your decision to run online courses either for your career or for self-improvement, we would put together a short comparison of Skillshare and a few other popular e-learning platforms.

Choosing an online learning platform can be confusing especially for those that do not have even the slightest idea about any of them. Just like the goods we price and buy, online learning platforms differ in different aspects. They differ in course contents, course formats, audience, pricing, promotions, mode of access, modes of compensations and lots more. In all, it is better you know what you want first because what one lacks, the other might have it. None of them has it all. Here we compared Skillshare with 5 other popular online course platforms.








Number of students

4 million students

30 million students

600,000+ students

3 million students

About 15,000 likes on Facebook

2 million students

Number of courses

26,000+ courses

80,000 courses


6,000+ co




No certificate of completion offered. However instructor mat offer certificates

Certificates of completion are given. However, they are non-accredited

No certificate

Certificate of completion is available

Certificates are given but usually not accredited

No certificate

Business platform

Good for organizations

Good for business

Not offered

Good for business and organizations

Not offered

It is meant for business training

User pricing

~$15 per month

~$8.25 per month (for annual subscription)

~Free 30 day trial

~60 days premium free trial

~2000+ free courses

~$10 – $200 per course

~4000+ free courses

~$9 – $49 per course

~Price determined by Skillwise

~Free courses available

~Basic subscription plan from  $19.99 monthly

~Premium Subscription plan from $29.99 per month

~Free 30 day trial

~$199 per course

~$150 per month (for annual subscription)

~ “All access pass” free trial

~$25 per month

~General rate of $10 -$200 per course

Who can instruct

~Anyone can instruct

~You must be enrolled to be approved

~Anyone can instruct

~Identity verification would be required


Experts in their various fields who can create and manage the course

~Instructors selected during application process

~Anyone with LMS or expertise in the business domain


~Discounts on  annual membership subscriptions

~Optional site promotions

~Udemy sales discounts and instructor coupons

~Course bundles

~Onsite promotions

~Promo codes

~Courses discounted directly on site

There could be one month free trial

Group ons for $10 courses


Best for students

~Who prefer the subscription mode

~Who wish to create and post creative projects

~Who want to learn from a variety of topics

Who seek knowledge in a wide variety of fields or niche topics

Who are searching for courses integrated into a learning or career path in the business or IT field

Who would like to add more to  their current professional or educational experience

Corporations and professionals in the fields

Most of the courses are basic thus, geared towards students who are beginners

Ideal for instructors

~Both old and new instructors

~Who are creative

~Who prefer creating short classes

~New or inexperienced teachers are welcomed

~Experts who seek for a side gig

Who are seeking access to Stack Commerce’s distribution network

Who are experts and would like to earn from tutoring online

Experts or professionals in that specific business domain e.g. HR and Insurance

New instruction

Differences between these online course platforms: Skillshare


Skillshare is much more similar to Udemy however, the key difference between the two is that Skillshare uses subscription based model whereby students are given access to a large number of courses. Rather than paying the instructors based on a fixed cost, they are being paid based on the number of minutes viewed. This means that instructors publish ‘classes’ online rather than online ‘courses’ and this ultimately translates to shorter contents.

Skillshare does have fewer students and offer fewer courses than Udemy but when compared to other e-learning websites like the Skillsuccess and Skillwise, it accommodates higher number of students and courses. These figures may not be used as a yardstick to measure which is better than the other as it does not determine higher quality classes or greater visibility for the instructors. Skillshare aims towards creative students and teachers hence, hands on projects should always be posted on the website.

The course categories on Skillshares now cover both business and technological areas and the site is said to claim and average of $3,000 instructor income per month with some of the instructors earning above $100,000.


Udemy is a legit online course marketplace that is quite popular amongst both Teachinguide users and its readers. Over the years, the platform has evolved in content, features etc.

Udemy instructors generate their revenue through a set price structure. In their own case, they set the price for their courses and then receive a portion of the sales revenue.

New instructors are most welcomed on Udemy as they are given the opportunity to test their online teaching skills. It offers one of the biggest online marketing power amongst the e-learning platforms with an easy means of earning much larger income from online teaching.


Skillwise operates as a subsidiary of Stack Commerce, a company with a large network for distributing digital content worldwide. This includes online courses. One major thing that distinguishes Skillwise from other similar platforms is the fact that it does not incorporate variety of niches rather it is focused on business, IT, development, Photography and designs. The platform will not favour if you are not into any of the aforementioned fields.

One thing you benefit from Skillwise as its member is that you have access to Stack Commerce’s network. This network covers more than 750 publisher’s stores and this includes the popular Huffington post and AOL. It also offers its users support for content creation and marketing.

Skillwise pays just like Udemy(could even be better). The instructors receive 50% of sales from those courses sold on the websites owned by Stack Commerce (they are 6 in number, Stackskills inclusive) and then 30% from their partner sites. Skillwise also features a Course Accelerator Program’ that benefits their instructors as they get to integrate courses together into one learning path for the students. Skillwise however, seems to have fewer course reviews when compared to some others like Skillshare and Udemy.


Lynda is an online learning platform owned by LinkedIn. It offers fewer courses when compared to Skillshare (about 6000 courses). Also, its courses focus more on business, web design, videography, photography and development. This platform was created with the aim  of helping people learn the necessary skills they need to achieve their full potentials.

Just like Skillshare it runs as a subscription based model where you subscribe ($19.99 per month for basic subscription and $29.99 per month for premium subscription) and then get unlimited access to Lynda’s course library.

The learning tools used on Lynda include; notes, videos, playlists and assessments. It also operates with an app which is available on iOS, Android, Apple TV devices and Windows 8. Their courses are also offered in German, French and Spanish.

It is advisable for one to sign up to Lynda only when one is certain to consistently take the courses else the subscription may not be worth it. Paying the amount of money for the subscription without following up your courses could be a waste at the end of the day. The platform is open to experts who would like to share their skills and earn some money in the process.


We compared 6 online learning platforms and out of the 6 Coggno is the only one that is solely focused on business costumers. This is one major distinguishing factor of Coggno. It is a learning management system and e-learning platform that is of more benefit to HR organizations, content developers and employees in need of training. Coggno simply makes corporate training and certification easier for its clients. It doesn’t matter the part of the world you are, Coggno would still be beneficial to you if are in the above mentioned field.

Coggno offers the opportunity of creating your own courses as well as uploading an existing course content. Unlike some other similar platforms, with Coggno, you can upload SCORM files. You can also choose to deliver your courses privately or have them delievered through the Coggno online course market place.

If you are an experience online teacher or professional, you might want to check out Coggno. If you are a course developer and you wish to sell your content, bidding is at the starting price of $34.95 per month. You should know that Coggno takes a percentage of sales and this percentage is dependent on the price of the course and also how it is sold. However, the good thing is that you get a website with a dedicated domain name.


Skillsuccess looks much more like Udemy as both share similar revenue policies. However, it differs from Udemy in some other aspects such as it operates on a much smaller scale. Just like Skillshare, it offers students a subscription-based model.

There is not much information on course creation or even what is required of instructors and one can’t just sign up on the platform and start teaching or creating courses as it is with Udemy or Skillshare. It may not promise better chances or benefits as others but it is also an option to consider when looking at online learning platforms.

Other alternatives to Skillshare

We were able to analyse and compare some top online learning platforms but there are much more. We definitely won’t be able to exhaust all here however, we would go ahead and list more e-learning websites. These websites are options one can go for as they can also serve as alternatives to Skillshare. Here are some of them:

  • Learndash

Learndash is an e-learning platform that integrates with WordPress. Some big websites make use of Learndash such as WP Elevation and University of Michigan.

Learndash has a very useful feature, which is absent in most other online learning platforms. That is their ‘Focus Mode’. With the activation of this mode, it blocks out all forms of distraction while students are on a course. They use a Gradebook technology, which is an advanced form of LMS. With this technology, they grade their students based on their scores on quiz and homework thus creating a weighted average for the teachers review. This grading system makes assessment a lot easier for their teachers.

However, Learndash only bills annually; there is no option for monthly billing.

  • Teachable

Teachable is another e-learning platform of choice. You only have to create an account and you ultimately join about 22,000 other instructors and create an excellent teaching platform for your student.

There is an option for a free plan or you could opt for either of their three paid plans which range between $29 per month to $399 per month. Their professional plan ($79/month) comes with zero transaction fees. You can easily upload your content, engage your students and edit the look of your online school under this platform.

  • Coursera

Coursera has partnership with top organizations as well as universities and offers over 2000 academic courses on its e-learning platform. The course categories it offers includes; business and computer sciences, arts and humanities, life sciences and physical sciences, languages etc. Asides the courses it offers, it also offers online degrees and specializations.

The price is either free or you pay per course. Pricing ranges between $29 and $99 per course. For specializations, the price range is from$39 to $79 per month while they charge between $15,000 and $25,000 to get an accredited master’s degree.

With Cousera, you have access to the minds of top universities without having to pay much. It has video subtitles in over 30 different languages.

In conclusion,

In one way or the other, we want to learn and develop ourselves and the good news is that online platforms these days are helping us achieve that. If you seek to gain knowledge from online learning platforms, Skillshare is surely a good place to start from.

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